Moving Swimming Pool Floors

Testament to the flexibility and ingenuity of the Panova engineering team, our Moving Swimming Pool Floor is the height of luxury and function.


This incredible product enables the home owner to have a swimming pool and a space for dry activities, such as a gymnasium, function room or even use the space as a garage.


It is also possible to set the floor at intermediate levels: fully down for adult swimming, intemediate for children, and fully up for dry.


When fully up, the floor also acts as a cover, insulating the pool from the elements and reducing the heating requirements.


Integral steps or a seat can also be installed into the floor to provide easy access in and out of the pool. The pool floor is tiled to match or contrast with the surround pool area.  Flush fitting lighting is available, as well as a host of other options, such as jumping jets built into the floor. 


The moving pool floor should be designed in conjunction with the pool design, and is made to measure the new pool. For existing pools, it is possible in most cases to install the moving floor as a retrofit, following some structural adjustements to the pool shell. 


Our pool floors are available for installations worldwide. 


For more details, please contact us on +44 1482 480710. 

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