Step Lifts

Explore our innovative discreet designs

PR9 Cantilever step lift

Our Cantilevered Step Lift is discreetly concealed in the floor when it is not in use. Suitable for rises of up to 1m, this compact lift is made to order to suit the steps you need access over. Suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications.

PR8 Inclined platform lift

This lift is suitable for stairwells of any length, and it can traverse around corners too. Suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications. 

PR3 Vertical step lift

The PR3 Platform lift is a pit mounted, vertical rising, single step lift. It benefits from the same advantages as the PR9 Cantilever Lift, but designed for just one rise of up to 250mm.


A low cost lift alternative to a long ramp.  

Vertical and Bespoke Lifts

Avaliable for both home and commercial use

PR2 Short rise vertical lift

Short Rise Platform Lifts. These are open car platform lifts that can rise up to 3m. Suitable for indoors or outdoors, for domestic or public access use. 

PR4 Vertical Lift

We can produce bespoke lifts to suit your needs. We can alter the size, glazing styles, finishes, and even the mechanics behind your lift, in order to create something spectacular. 

PR5 Vertical lift

Public Access Lifts for installations in schools, hospitals, offices, factories, shops and any other public buildings. They are designed to be affordable, able to easily manage regular, daily use, durable and fast to install. 

We also produce and install passenger lifts

Panova can install new passenger lifts, for commerical, public or retail space. A wide variety of styles and options means we can offer the lift you need.

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