PR3 Vertical Step Lift

The PR3 Vertical Step Lift is pit mounted like the PR9 Lift. This means that when the lift is not being used it is flush with the ground and does not cause any obstruction. 


The difference however is that it is designed to rise up vertically to provide wheelchair access over one step only. The maximum rise is 300mm. 


Safety barriers rise up automatically around the lift before it moves, and these are also sensitive to touch, so that if anyone or anything touches the lift edges during movement the lift will automatically stop. 


The platform can be covered in any material to suit the surrounding decor, and the lift can be manufactured in a range of sizes to suit the client's needs. It is also suitable for indoors or outdoors, and for domestic or public access use. 


Overall, this is a simple, low cost lift solution to go in places where other lifts would look cumbersome, or where there is not enough room for a ramp. 

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