PR7 Short Rise Vertical Platform Lift


The PR7 is a modern design of scissor lift to suit the latest regulations and customer needs. With a rise up to 1.5m, it is ideal for solving access problems over split levels in offices, industrial, commercial or the home. 


Three configuations are available. 


The first is an open car with a gate at the top landing. The user is protected whilst travelling up by a folding ramp that lifts and covers the open side of the platform. The underneath of the car is protected by a concertina bellows. 


The second option swaps the folding ramp on the platform for another gate. 


The third option provides a full shaft around the carriage, with a full height door at the ground level to compliment the gate at the top level. Naturally, as the carriage is fully enclosed within the shaft, a bellows is not necessary. 


In all configurations, the entrances to the carriage can be either on opposite sides, or adjacent sides. 


The standard size of platform is 1400mm long and 1100mm wide. Smaller and larger sizes are available on request. 


There are numerous finish options available, including brushed stainless steel framework, clear or patterned glass panels, painted in any RAL spectrum colour, or solid panels. 


The pit depth required varies with the travel height you are rising. For lifts up to 800mm, the pit depth is 250mm. For higher rises, the pit depth requirement is 300mm. 


Please see the brochures on the downloads page for more information, drawings and photographs. 

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